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Puka / Bluenose rig

Puka / Bluenose rig

SKU: 364215376135191

Simply put, these are the best Hapuka & Blue Nose rigs in New Zealand! Years of testing on the rugged Wairarapa Coast has honed these rigs into puka catching machines! Built strong and tough with 300lb backbone, 150lb traces and high quality 14/0 forged steel hooks. These rigs come in a range of colours, and optional accessories such as underwater light, lumo squid tubes and needlefish. 


You can also mix it up with two Puka hooks and a 3/0 Tarakihi hook, our famous "Spot X" rig, or go all out with a "5 hooker"!  For the extra seious angler we have heavy duty rigs, 350lb all round. Rigs also available with 14/0 long shank easy bater hooks.




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