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Specialty Rigs

Specialty Rigs

At Wild Blue Tackle we know different fishing methods are needed at different locations around New Zealand depending what fish you are targetting. Having a few different options in your tackle bag can also be the difference between a quiet day and a crazy one!


Therefore, we have designed a range of indiviual specailty rigs for targetting specific fish.  We have Snapper running rigs, Tarakihi rigs, Gurnard Rigs, live bait rigs for Kingies (with a complimentary ballon!), live bait rigs for John Dory, and one of our best sellers, the All Purpose Rig with easy baiter hooks which catches all the above!  All the speciality rigs come in a range of hook sizes from 1/0 for the Tarakihi rigs up to 8/0 for the livies, as well as various options for lumo skirrts, flashers,  and sqiddies.


To check out these specialty rigs head down to your local tackle store, find one near you by clicking here


    Check out our retailers page for your local supplier.

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